AveoFlashTM High-Intensity LED Emergency Lights


AveoEngineering has developed a powerful package of LED lighting systems for Police and other emergency vehicles.  AveoFlash lights feature easy installation, low power draw, and high candela output.  These affordable and reliable and lightweight lighting packages provide the ultimate in safety features for today's emergency vehicle operations.  All emergency responders want to see and to be seen, and AveoEngineering has the solution in these unique new AveoFlash lights!

AveoFlash lights use High Candela Organic Light Emitting Diodes, so they are brighter than comparable Strobe lights from any other manufacturer.

AveoFlash lights exceed Military specifications.  (AveoFlash lights are currently being installed on UAV aircraft in a number of countries, as well as Civilian and Military aircraft and other vehicles.)

AveoFlash lights come encased in a clear Diamidium epoxy resin that is basically indestructible, water and vapor tight.  Each light weighs as little as a couple of ounces (a huge weight savings over other Strobe manufacturer's units).

AveoFlash lights operate at 12VDC, and draw as little as 100 milliamps, depending on the model, and feature Aveo's patented "FLEXIBLE PC BOARD" technology, and require no Flash Module, so you save that weight and also reduce RF noise to Zero (a common problem with other manufacturer's strobe units!)

AveoFlash emergency lights are usable as stand-alone Strobes for countless applications (such as warning strobes for Police, Fire, and EMS vehicles - even motorcycles and aircraft.  Think of the limitless applications for these units!! 

Click on the lights below to go to the individual page for those specific lights!


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