Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM  & NVG Cockpit Lights -
The World's FIRST & ONLY Touch-Sensitive Cockpit Lights - Now Shipping!!!

Aveo EyeBeam Touch
LED swivel light with TOUCH sensing control

™ has developed the nicest and most durable LED cockpit lighting ever!  Based on our AveoAirTM ball vents, the Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM is manufactured from anodized aluminum and the highest-quality electronic components.  Featuring both Red and White LEDs, the beam angle is fully adjustable, as is the intensity of the beam.

Aveo Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM is not only extremely attractive and "High-Tech", it solves the problems inherent with other aircraft cockpit lights.  There are No O-rings to wear out and break.  Use of sealed pressure switches ensures both ease of use and long life!  AND, they will be less expensive than other comparable cockpit lights!!   

Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM Cockpit Lights feature Aveo's patented Universal Power Supply for 9 - 32 VDC operation.  This means that it doesn't matter whether your aircraft has a 14 VDC or 28 VDC electrical system - the Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM is a "wire & fly" cockpit light for your bird!!

With one light finger-touch, you can control power, white LED, red LED, green LED, blue LED or the brightness slider scale easily with no mechanical switches to fail and no bulbs to burn out.  The Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM comes with a variety of easily-applied colored faceplates so you can get the look you want, standard colors are black, silver or white, but volume orders for custom colors are always welcome.  Standard aluminum colors available are anodized black or anodized silver.

Cockpit and cabin lighting, especially on aircraft, helicopters, boats, recreational vehicles and trucks are plagued by problems from vibration.... the Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM overcomes this with a vibration-proof product that has the exclusive Aveo lifetime warranty.

Available NOW in Black, Silver, and White , the
Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM are the finest and best-engineered cockpit lights on the market today.  No matter what your operational and décor requirements, there is a Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM  lighting option to meet your needs.

Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM, Black, Silver, or White          $169.00 (+$8.00 shipping)

Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM  Mini (Now Available)              $169.00 (+$8.00 shipping)

Aveo EyeBeam NVG™ (Night Vision Goggles)

The popular
Aveo EyeBeam Touch™ capacitive sensing controlled cockpit and cabin lights are now available in NVG configuration, that is they include GREEN LED lighting compatible with night vision equipment.  Also included with the NVG model Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM   are the standard Red and White LEDs, and, in addition, is a BLUE LED feature!

Aveo EyeBeam Touch™ NVG™ are available in the standard selection of faceplates of white, black, and silver.

EyeBeam TouchTM  NVG                                        Coming Soon - TBD

Aveo EyeBeam TouchTM  NVG Certified                        Coming Soon - TBD

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